How Water Extraction Works

August 12, 2012 Professional Services, Property Damage, Water Damage Repair Comments Off on How Water Extraction Works

Why hire a professional for water extraction?

Homeowners and property managers sometimes remove standing water themselves, then neglect to have the area professionally dried because the surfaces look dry or feel “dry to the touch.” However, without the proper assessment equipment, it is impossible to determine how much moisture is still within the structure. And without the proper drying equipment it is impossible to draw that moisture out before it cultivates mold or causes other structural damage. Increased moisture in the air after an indoor flood can cause “secondary” damage to decorative wood, books, artwork and other items, so thorough drying and de-humidification are critical.

How water extraction works

Using the latest and truck-mounted equipment, we remove most of the standing water within a short period of time. After we have completed our extraction of standing water, the structure must be dried thoroughly and properly to avoid mold contamination of your structure and contents.

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